An Island Teacher

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I was inspired and encouraged by Sandra our Argyll and Bute Middle Leadership Network guru to enter the world of Twitter to engage and connect with other educators. This led me to the rich world of educational bloggers. In order to reflect upon, develop and share my learning experiences I have decided to have a go… All views are my own.


Author: Lochdonswan

Principal Teacher of Primary at Lochdonhead Primary School. Isle of Mull. Argyll and Bute. Believe and achieve with enthusiasm, positivity and respect. Blog to reflect, share and learn.

3 thoughts on “An Island Teacher”

  1. Claire, you ARE so inspirational. Sometimes we do not see the woods for the trees and it is so refreshing to pare down to what matters – learners and learning. The word fun, when associated with education, for me, is about pupil voice, experiential learning, pace and challenge, personalisation and choice, GIRFEC and a deep sense of belonging – knowing the importance of yourself and your environment. I am incredibly lucky to have staff in both schools that embed these aspects into our school ethos.
    I am hoping that we could set up a reciprocal visit to Bearsden, to allow us all to learn from each other. It would be great to hear from some other practitioners, within Argyll and Bute and beyond, who would like to be involved in Claire’s learning community.

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  2. Hi again Claire!

    I think it’s absolutely brilliant when teachers in leadership positions are still willing to show their vulnerability and risk-taking (I assume that ‘principal teacher’ is a leadership position. Apologies if I’m wrong!). It’s all part of being a lifelong learner. What a fantastic example to your colleagues and students! I also agree with Pauline’s comment above.

    I only recently discovered Twitter and the world of blogging too. It has completely transformed by practice. I really cherish my professional learning network (PLN) because I learn so much from everyone and get inspired every day. Glad that you’re a part of that!

    I look forward to reading more posts from you in the future!



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    1. Adam – Hi!
      Thank you for your supportive and encouraging comments. Yes I am in middle leadership but am lucky as I am able to explore the middle leadership networks and role but remain hands on in the classroom too. The challenge is in providing a wide variety of experiences for a small multi-composite school of pupils age 5-11. However I believe that the skills required are equally transferable to larger groups of same aged pupils and larger schools.
      I agree with you completely about the inspiration that being part of a wider PLN can bring and I recognise, as you do that we are learning all the time. Tweeting, blogging and sharing means that we can be actively involved in our continuing progression as learners. If we can help and support others along the way whilst enriching pupils opportunities in life then even better! I am in complete admiration of all your hard work and communication and am learning so much. Thank you for that.
      All the best to you,

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